Intervalon 2D-Interval Explorer

Intervalon is a software musical instrument that works on a Windows PC/tablet.

   (you can see my fingers)

(a harmony)   (6 oc. scale)

I'll explain very briefly those basic ideas which this software is based on.  (You can skip it and jump to the download section. You can simply enjoy the instrument, hopefully.)

Traditionally intervals (music) have been understood as 2D-like things, D# and Eb flatly discrete, but nowadays too many people think just otherwise.
1D intervals are originally a handy way of putting things in short, or abbreviations, typically seen in expressing intervals (or notes) by single letters or numbers (second, third, fifth, octave, C,D,E and so on). Do not forget that the basic semantics of musical intervals is 2D-wise.

Are musical intervals 2D really?

How can you easily recognize and feel the real intervals and leverage them?

Do not restrict number of note-keys in an octave to 12 (or any number).

Tune (relative) pitch heights of note-keys by relying on Intervals' 2D-ness.

Try many tunings.

Assign 2D-Intervals between Harmonic-series tones.

Plot note-key points by way of 2D-Intervals and pitch heights, always reflecting them linearly.

Do not think strong expressions are mandatory.



Getting started:

License of this software

Copyright © 2015 Kazuhiko Shirai.
Intervalon is freeware. It can be used anyway.
Redistribution is prohibited.


The software is provided as is without warranty of any kind.
Use it at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of it.

The author's favorite composers:

Palestrina, Alessandro Scarlatti,  Handel,
Beethoven, Muzio Clementi,
Brahms, Mahler, Manuel de Falla, Furtwängler

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