Intervalon 2D-Interval Explorer (musical instrument)

Intervalon is a high sensitivity musical instrument;

   (you can see my fingers)

 Harmonic-Series tones 1-7 played
 6 oc. scale 1
 6 oc. scale 2
 Dulcimer and (an octave lower) Violin (Contrabass), in 7/24 meantone.

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Interval notations :

Interval presentations on a 2D plane :

Harmonic-series tones and 2D-Intervals :

Tunings :

It is good to try many tunings. 2D intervals allow wide range of tunings.

Draw Intervals, sensitive to tunings :

To be sensitive to tunings, Plot note-key points by way of 2D-Intervals and delta pitches in Cents, always reflecting them linearly.

Getting started with Intervalon :

Update and Uninstall :

Notices :

License of this software :

Copyright © 2015 Kazuhiko Shirai.
Intervalon is freeware. It can be used anyway.
Redistribution is prohibited.

Disclaimer :

The software is provided as is without warranty of any kind.
Use it at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of it.

The author's favorite composers :

Palestrina, Alessandro Scarlatti,  Handel,
Beethoven, Muzio Clementi,
Brahms, Mahler, Manuel de Falla, Furtwängler

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