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vibrating in rings and arches;   Gently down the stream,
Get on a boat of a rainbow;   Merrily merrily merrily merrily,
Life is but dream.

Intervalon is a musical instrument software that works on a Windows PC/tablet.
It is a Win32 desktop application with Touch interface support. If you do not have a touch screen or a tablet, play by PC-keyboard keys and a mouse.
It has features that makes it easy to learn Meantone tunings (here not restricted to twelve or any number of keys per octave) and Harmonic-Series tones.  In short, good for your music.
I'll explain the concept very briefly.  (You can skip it and jump to the download section.)

Intervalon is subtitled 2D-Interval Explorer. Yes, try consider, please:
Musical intervals, a second, third, fifth, octave, and so on, are most easy when they are thought of as Two-Dimensional.
I say this because, traditionally intervals have been understood as 2D-like things, D# and Eb flatly discrete, but today too many people think just otherwise.

The idea of 2D Interval

Tune pitch heights of note-keys by way of 2D-Intervals.

Plot note-key points by way of pitch heights and 2D-Intervals, always linearly.


Getting started:

License of this software

Copyright © 2015 Kazuhiko Shirai.
Intervalon is freeware. It can be used anyway.
Redistribution is prohibited.


The software is provided as is without warranty of any kind.
Use it at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of it.

That meantone tuning which the author uses most often:

7/48 comma meantone.  7/48 = ( (1/3 + 1/4) / 2 ) / 2.  (This makes 5th 698.81867 cents.)
It has 5th/4th and 3rds/6ths equally less pure.

Let M stand for comma meantone,  and m(a,b) just in between of a and b.
Pythagorean tuning (with pure 5th) = 0 M.
1/3 comma meantone (with pure min.3rd) = 1/3 M.
1/4 comma meantone (with pure maj.3rd) = 1/4 M.
7/24 M = m( 1/3 M,  1/4 M).
7/48 M = m( 0 M,  7/24 M).
1/6 M = m( 0 M,  1/3 M).
1/8 M = m( 0 M,  1/4 M).
7/48 M = m( 1/6 M,  1/8 M).

7/48 meantone seems fairly near to 1/7 (=7/49) meantone, but actually sounds very differently, with an unblended compositeness.

The author's favorite composers:

Palestrina, Alessandro Scarlatti,  Handel,
Beethoven, Muzio Clementi,
Brahms, Mahler, Manuel de Falla, Furtwängler

by Kazuhiko Shirai.   mail:
last updated 2017/05/25.